About BDB

Bell Dixon Butler Lawyers was established by Ian Lester in 1980 with the current partnership forming in 1994.

BDB remains one of the largest law firms on the Fraser Coast. Our reputation and growth has enabled our lawyers to practice full time in their areas of interest and broaden their expertise.

Resident Family Law expert Margarett Kummerfeld is the only accredited family law specialist in Hervey Bay.

The Bay remains one of the fastest growing cities in Australia so we are dedicated to continuing to develop our expertise and diversify our skills to accommodate the needs of our growing region.

Who will look after me?

Our BDB team are real people with real talent.

We are determined, professional, energetic and pro-active.

Our strategic approach to meeting our client's legal and commercial objectives focuses on getting the highest quality of work done by the right people, at the right time, and for us this means having a dynamic team of lawyers with diverse legal and industry knowledge.

But most importantly, we're locals.

We chose to live and work on the beautiful Fraser Coast and immerse ourselves not only in our careers but also in helping to progress the local community.

Our lawyers proudly volunteer their time and hold positions of governance and leadership in a diverse range of community positions.

What makes us different?

At BDB, we are driven by a desire to use the law to achieve outstanding results for our clients in the most efficient manner.

Expertise: The team of lawyers at BDB offer decades of experience looking after locals and the range of legal problems they encounter. Due to the firm's growth and diversity BDB lawyers enjoy the ability to practice full time in specific areas of expertise.

This expertise, combined with local knowledge, gives them the ability to tailor a unique solution for your specific circumstances.

We care: Because the BDB team are locals just like you they genuinely care for their community and the clients they serve.

If you present to BDB with a problem they lawyers with expertise in that particular area of law will take you every step of the way until your problem is solved.

They will keep you informed in language you understand and they are committed to getting the desired outcome in a no-nonsense, efficient manner.

They have a genuine commitment to look after people in their time of need.

We're locals

BDB Laywers apply a Fraser Coast filter to local legal problems.

They have an intimate understanding of the region and this local knowledge, complemented with years of experience in the areas of expertise, ensure they understand you and can adopt the best local approach.

Our intimate knowledge of our community stems from our interaction with people through a range of Clubs and Associations. Our children attend local schools, our families are involved in all myriad of cultural organisations, sporting clubs, and local service clubs.

They create local solutions for local problems.

BDB Lawyers specialise in:

  • Commercial Law
  • Conveyancing
  • Family Law
  • Court Matters
  • Personal Injuries/Employment Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Legal Care for Seniors
  • Notary Public
  • Traffic and Crime
  • Estate litigation

Do I need a lawyer?

Many people are unsure if a problem has a legal solution. This can create enormous stress and on most occasions a short consultation with a lawyer will provide you with real direction.

To encourage people to take the next step and visit a lawyer, BDB have developed an Initial Consultation Initiative where you can visit a lawyer or talk over the telephone for up to 45 minutes for a fixed fee of $175.

If you proceed with a matter this consultation can be incorporated into your ongoing client file.