Conveyancing experts in Hervey Bay

At BDB we believe communication is critical. Our lawyers and solicitors carry a strong belief in talking to the people we work with extends to your Agent, Lender and Finance Broker.

By providing a full agency service we are able to represent consumers in their dealings with vendors, purchasers, estate agents, buyer's agents, conveyancers, other lawyers, mortgagees and government departments.

BDB Team

We have a team of conveyancers who are supported by our partners Derek Butler and David Buckley. Our professionals deal with all practical problems associated with the field in an efficient and timely manner.

We know that conveyancing is all about getting a transaction to settlement and our team has all the resources necessary to get the job done in a world of tough deadlines and unforgiving protocols regulated by the Queensland Law Society.

And importantly, we provide you with extensive local knowledge and a wealth of experience in Queensland property.

Our focus is quality advice at competitive rates.

One-stop Shop for Conveyancing

BDB provides legal advice in all aspects of buying, selling and leasing property. By combining years of experience with modern innovative technology, our team ensures that your transaction is smooth, quick and cost effective.

Our solicitors provide personalised service to all clients. We value your time and understand that sometimes a short conversation is the most efficient way to resolve a problem.

BDB will:

  • Explain the issues involved in the sale or purchase of your property.
  • Explain the difference between buying or selling by Public Auction.
  • Tell you what costs are involved including stamp duty.
  • Advise you about your Contract for Sale.
  • Advise you about and negotiate special terms and conditions for the sale or Purchase of your Property.
  • Attend to your lenders' requirements.
  • Organise searches and enquiries to ensure you get what you think you are buying.
  • Ask the seller the right questions about the property being sold.
  • Organise settlement.

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