Legal Care for Seniors

Hervey Bay has boasted a large retiree population for a long time so BDB have developed an expertise that is specifically tailored to providing assistance to our seniors.

Elder Law is about viewing the law through the prism and experience of ageing. There are many life events associated with ageing which require or involve attention from a legal perspective. They include:

  • Financial disputes with business, banks, family and friends;
  • Delegation of decision making capacity including financial, property, healthcare and accommodation decisions;
  • Financial issues such as social security, residential aged care charges and fees, taxation, retirement planning, estate & business succession planning & superannuation;
  • Life and death issues including termination, refusal and withdrawal of medical treatment;
  • Making wills;
  • Challenging wills.

We recognise that as we get older there are a number of complex issues that require dedicated expertise. These issues may include delegating responsibility for decision making to loved ones or planning for Aged Care or assisted accommodation to provide for the needs of ailing relatives.

In 2000 we created our Legal Care for Seniors department that is dedicated to providing Seniors with assistance in dealing with the emotional issues revolving around aging with dignity.

We provide contractual advice relating to accommodation including relocation to retirement or nursing homes and advice relating to abuse, discrimination or disputes. We take pride in helping senior people deal with their problems and helping them find positive outcomes.

Legal Care for Seniors

Creating Solutions for the Lifestyle needs of Seniors...

Larry Bell is a founding partner of BDB and practices exclusively in Elder Law.

Through personal experience with friends and family members, Larry realised many years ago there was a genuine need for a legal service tailored specifically for Seniors.

Larry has many years of experience in Estate Planning and his keen interest in the changes to this area of law led to his involvement in the Succession Committee at the Queensland Law Society. Larry and his team have a level of experience that few of our competitors can match.

For more than a decade now he’s been providing those services to the Seniors of Hervey Bay ... a service based on personal attention, integrity and trust and he is recognized as a pioneer in this area of expertise.

In recent years BDB partner Margarett Kummerfeld has also developed a keen interest in this area. Margarett’s litigation background has assisted many clients in challenging and defending Wills and ensuring that dependants have been adequately provided for following the death of a family member.

Legal Care for Seniors provides you care & assistance with:-

  • Wills
  • Conveyancing
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Advance Health Directive
  • Estate Administration & Planning
  • Elder Abuse Mediation and Claims
  • Centrelink and Veterans’ Affairs
  • Management of your personal affairs
  • Adult Guardian Tribunal Matters
  • Application to the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal
  • Grandparents, Parenting and Family Law
  • Air transfer to nursing homes
  • Advising on mortgage contacts and home equity release schemes
  • Superannuation disputes
  • Personal Injury Claims

We also provide advice on moving into:-

  • Retirement Village Accommodation
  • Relocatable Home Accommodation
  • Nursing Home Accommodation
  • Relocating your family pet